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About Action Tire

Action Tire began serving the Lower Mainland in 1986, and has continued to serve the community for over three decades. With a crew of trained and qualified employees, and over 30 years in service, we will remain faithful to our mission, to provide our customers with exceptional service that continues to be characterized by our quality and warmth. At Action Tire, we believe in honest and productive teamwork in each of our operations. We value loyalty and respect, both of which serve as our principle values, as we strive to build and maintain a fair and long-lasting relationship with everyone who visits us. We believe in the fulfillment of our responsibilities to both society, and the environment in the communities in which we operate.Β 

Our Mission

At Action Tire Services, our commitment is to satisfy the needs of our customers through an experience of security and comfort that not only meets, but exceeds their expectations. It is our goal and guarantee that you and your family have a worry-free experience, and we commit to doing everything in our power in order to do so.Β 

Services and Plans

Looking to get your tires in shape? We're happy to help! Our professional staff are trained in a variety of services to leave your car ready for action.

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

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